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Meshcheryakova Ol'ga Viktorovna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, head of International cooperation office, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Over the last decades globalization has been one of the most important factors, influencing the development of the Russian system of higher education. In order to save competitveness, Russian universities have to become a full-fledged member of the world educational community. Examination of internationaliztion experience of foreign university will allow their Russian partners to pass the integration process faster, more efficient and comfortable. The aim of the work is to analyze changes that has taken place in the higher education system since the moment of Russia’s joining the Bologna process, to study main strategies of internationalization of foreign and Russian universities and to give recommendations on development of internationalization technologies at a Russian regional university.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were realized through examination of foreign publications and online sources, summaries of international activity expereince of Russian universities, as well as through the analysis of internal internationalization of Penza State University. The author used methodological recommendations on foreign students affairs management, regulations on academic mobility of students and teaching staff of Penza State University. The methodological potential included a comparative method, allowing to state actual changes; a statistical methods, the importance of which is obvious for the analysis of data, concerning changes of the course of university’s internationalization; a retrospective analysis.
Results. The author has specified the notion of educational internationalization, suggested a complex system of types of university’s activity internationalization without leaving the country, adduced the results of social adaptation and educational activities of foreign students, as well as considered the features of international activity of a provincial university.
Conclusions. Investigation of internationalization in Russia and abroad allows to state postivie influence of world integration on the field of higher professional education. Internationalization gives a chance to determine a level to be achieved by an educational institution in whole, as well as by teaching staff and students, and also offers ways and tools for achievement thereof. Nevertheless, there is no universal way of realization of international activity at every particular university; it requires an individual approach to development of internationalization strategies.

Key words

higher education, university, internationalization, international activity.

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